The WAM instrument

Goal /  WAM (Wave Analyser Module) aims to provide the first direct proof of lightning-like discharges in dust and wind storms on Mars' surface. Another goal is to observe radio waves propagating from interplanetary space to Mars' surface.

Basic facts / WAM is a part of the MAIGRET instrument and consists of a spectral analyzer, that processes a signal from the magnetometer in the frequency range from 100 Hz to 20 kHz. The receiver is being built at the Department of Space Physics, Institute of Atmospheric Physics CAS. Mechanical parts are prepared in cooperation with the Institute of Scientific Instruments CAS.

Work on the WAM analyzer

Call from Mars

ExoMars 2022

Mission / ExoMars 2022 consists of the robotic rover and surface platform. The main goal is to land the rover in a region with a high chance of observing organic materials, especially those from the early phase of the planet.

Launch data / 2022

Instrumentation / Optical cameras, UV, IR, laser and neutron spectrometers, thermometers, particle and dust detectors,  seismograph, electromagnetic field sensors.

Landing / Oxia Planum

Mission lifetime / 9 months cruise phase and 1-year scientific mission on the surface