Basic facts about the LFR instrument

Goals / Research of electromagnetic waves in the Jovian magnetosphere and in the vicinity of Jovian moons. LFR (Low Frequency Receiver) provides multi-component measurements of electromagnetic fields at frequencies up to 20 kHz.

Basic facts / LFR, a part of the RPWI (Radio and Plasma Waves Investigation) instrument, is a digital receiver that processes up to eight analog channels: 3 components from a search coil magnetometer, 3 components of low-frequency electric field and measurement of density and spacecraft potential from the Langmuir sonde. The receiver is developed at the Department of Space Physics, Institute of Atmospheric Physics CAS, Czechia. The RPWI instrument is being developed in consortium lead by Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Uppsala, Sweden.


Basic information about JUICE

Mission/ Study of Jovian system with a focus on three Galilean icy moons (Europa, Ganymed and Callisto). Study of an origin and conditions for forming of habitable planets in gas giant systems.

Launch / 2023

Instrumentation / Optical cameras and spectrometers, UV spectrographs, laser altimeters, radars, particle detectors, electromagnetic sensors, low- and high-frequency receivers for electric and magnetic field measurements.

Orbit /  Elliptic-jovicentric

Duration / 9 years cruise phase and 4 years in the Jovian system